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The Fleet and Station

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1151 is the newest edition to the fleet. It was purchased to replace an aging 1155. The squad members worked with PennCare to design the ambulance from the ground up. This is our 1st custom built squad and we expect to utilize it for many years to come. 1151 is a fully equipped Paramedic capable unit with a Lifepak 15, Lucas device and other ALS equipment. 1151 is our "first due" ambulance.

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2007 McCoy Miller on Ford E450

1150 was purchased in 2007 as a demo unit. It was lettered and graphics were added to make it "ours" It is currently our back-up squad and first due on a fire stand-by.  1150 is a Paramedic capable unit with a Lifepak 15 and other ALS equipment. 

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1997 McCoy Miller on a Ford E350 chasis 

1155 has been retired as an ambulance and now serves the department in the capacity of a rehab vehicle. 1155 is equipped with all of our equipment for fire scenes, such as: Tents, chairs, heating and cooling equipment, and personal decon. 1155 responds on large incidents where rehab for firefighters is needed. An ambulance will always respond with 1155.

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Our Station

Built in 1996

This is the 2nd station that has been on the current property. The building was built by a contractor and then finished by squad members. 

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