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The history of EMS in the District starts with Crates Funeral Home who operated an ambulance service until the need for more was realized by the community. Crates donated a Cadillac Ambulance to the District when it was formed in 1982.


Since then Appleseed Joint Ambulance District, better known as "Appleseed EMS" has served the community with a Volunteer EMS response. There was a Chevy "Vanbulance" that was added to the livery, then a 1986 McCoy Miller box type ambulance was purchased. The next squad was 1155 then 1150, and the newest squad which is 1151, all of which can be seen on the about page.

The current station was built behind the former station in 1996 and members donated "sweat equity" to finish and furnish it.

In 2022 Appleseed EMS celebrated its 40th year in service. The District relies on the voters of the district to maintain operations through tax levies. In 2023 voters approved a tax levy that will allow the district to transition from a 100% volunteer squad to a part time paid squad. This levy allows us to staff the station 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm. The "overnight hours (7pm to 7am) will remain staffed by volunteers, responding from home when an emergency arises. We will also continue to depend on our volunteers for additional coverage like when the 1st crew is out on another run and a 2nd call comes in, or in cases when more than 1 ambulance is needed.

In the coming months and years Appleseed Joint Ambulance District will continue to meet the districts needs as best as possible. We thank you for your continued trust and support!

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